Thats it – I quit! Screw the guru’s

I quit

I quit

Although this is a traffic blog about getting unlimited free traffic, I have been getting a LOT of questions from people across the net about how it is I manage with such limited traffic scores, to still quit my day job. I know people that have been at this for 10+ years that still can’t retire from their nine to five jobs. So today at the request of many different people I have decided to make a post about making money online…. while building traffic.

Social Marketing Interaction

anti social

anti social

I am finding that the vast majority of people who use social networks as part of a marketing strategy actually fail at it miserably. I mean no disrespect towards anyone saying this, but even some of my own partners and marketing connections don’t get it.

The problem is they treat social networks like an SEO platform. They go about posting article after article leaving backlinks all over the place, they go out and comment on other peoples posts, and then they wonder why no one reads the things they post.

Often times when people do leave comments on the articles and posts they make, they are nothing more

Exposed Scam – the ultimate mega con artist

exposed scam - mega con artist

exposed scam – mega con artist

Today we need your help. We really need everyone to share this with their social connections, email their mailing lists about it, leave comments, and do everything you can to let others know about this exposed scam.

These types of cons are what destroy the industry of internet marketing and keep very hard working honest people out of the internet industry. This exposed scam is of the worst kind I have ever encountered because of its guise to expose scams.

This type of thing must be stopped and only we as internet users have the power to make that happen by exposing the things we find, this exposed scam is one such find. The few sites that exist to help bust scams are not nearly enough – if they were then millions of people would not be scammed each year out of billions of dollars!

Joint ventures, partnerships, and the numbers

Joint ventures - not shark tank

Shark Tank

I was out in the blogosphere when I came across the blog of the very well known and talented Jane Mark. I took particular interest to a post she had written titled “If You Want To Do JV’s, Run The Numbers” (forgive the fact she uses empower network, she really is smart and talented).

Most of the things she said in her post were very accurate, but there was a major flaw and something that was missing from her post. The flaw I am referring to is the fact we are marketers not corporations and she explained joint ventures as if marketers should act like corporations. Perhaps Jane is at the hundred million dollar level and does in fact consider herself a corporation, however I don’t think most people reading her blog fall into that category.

Turn no into motivation

Turn no into motivation

Turn no into motivation

The word no sucks. Especially as a business owner. Sometimes we accept no and move on, and sometimes we just get hung up on it. Those times are when we need to turn no into motivation.

Most anyone with a business knows what its like for a customer to say no. We know the rejection of hearing those famous “Sorry not interested” replies.

As marketers and as business owners these are things we either grow to accept or get out of the business.

However what about when we contact another business owner or marketer and ask them for a partnership of some sort or a joint venture of some sort?

Brand building in 5 simple steps

Branding iron


Branding is one of the most effective methods of marketing that exists both online and offline.

Although branding had been used for years by businesses, it has only just started to catch on with internet marketers.

I have talked about branding many times before but today I want to give a complete run down of what it takes to effectively brand online.

As I explained in my post titled Branding is not about making sales “Branding is really nothing more or less than building an association between a company, product, service, or individual and a word, phrase, logo, picture or image.”

Free Lead Capture Page

free lead capture page generator

free lead capture page generator

The things in a marketers toolbox are of the most important things in their lives. These are the tools that they live and die by. Some people have tools for monitoring keywords in search engines. Other people have lists of wordpress plugins. Still others have lists of social bookmarking sites.

The truth is every successful marketer has a list of tools. The most successful marketers however, have a free lead capture page.

Before I get into lead capture pages and the tools required to create a free lead capture page I want to recap on some things you should already be aware of.

Free traffic! Verizon uses it, do you?

verizon free traffic building fliers

Verizon free traffic building fliers

It has been 5 months since the last time I updated. I want to tell my readers I am sorry for the long delay between posts. It is not fair to you that I up and abandon this blog. A blog that many have told me is a great free traffic, seo, and social marketing resource.

The main reason I have not posted here on the free traffic blog in that 5 months, is I have just so busy with the marketers cooperative. Honestly I don’t always find the time to update. When I do have time I don’t always have the energy.

Unlike a lot of bloggers, my job is not blogging here at unlimited free traffic. I don’t make a great deal of money from the free traffic websites I promote and honestly I don’t care to. I use the sites thats why I recommend them. I market with this free traffic sites. I don’t make money from them. Thats not why I created this unlimited free traffic blog.

Business Match Making

My Networking Pro

My Networking Pro

It was sometime in the mid 1990′s I believe when the first match making script hit the internet. At the time there were a ton of dating sites, but the idea of automated matchmaking based on user criteria and input was still something new. The truth is that little piece of matchmaking software may well have been one of the greatest tools ever created for marketers and very few people know it.

Imagine if you will, a service being created where instead of matching boys and girls for romantic interests we match businesses owners with other business owners, we match web designers with people needing web design, we match investors with companies in need of investors, and similar types of business relating matches? Imagine how much easier marketing would be.

Easy Automated Safelist Marketing


my safelist biz

my safelist biz

One of my favorite tools for safelist marketing has been slgenie for nearly two years now. Safelist genie is a safelist management tool that has been a great help to me in my experience. However there is a big problem that happens to a lot of software and I am sad to say has also happened to Safelist genie. Unfortunately what has happened is the creator of the software has stopped actively maintaining the list. Don’t get me wrong its still a great tool and I LOVE it, but its not as effective as it once was.

There is however a new way of safelist marketing I have been using and the effects of it are absolutely OUTSTANDING. The system I have been using is known as mysafelist biz. Its actually a very simple system and I will give you a complete walk through.


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