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I haven’t been posting a lot lately because I have bee really busy getting things up and running with my new marketing cooperative. One of the things that running this site has reminded me of is the importance of joint venture marketing. Joint venture marketing is a method of marketing that allows you to get a lot of marketing services for relatively little cost.

The trick to joint ventures is knowing who to venture with, and what exactly to offer them. Take for example a new joint venture I have gotten into. The woman’s name I am doing a jv (joint venture) with is Paula van Dun. Paula owns a graphic design website called Webmiep Graphics.

When Paula first asked me about a jv, I had never worked with her before. I didn’t know what her list size was or her influence over other people. The only thing I had to base things off of were her graphical abilities. I could see she was good.

So I thought about things for a few days and I made her an offer. I would give her a one year membership for free, in return she makes me 20 pairs of graphics 468×60 and 125×125 graphics as I need them and a new splash page for the co-op use. She agreed. To say I am satisfied with what she has delivered so far would be an understatement. She has definitely delivered me more than I could have ever hoped for. I would have spend hundreds if not thousands in graphic creations had I not met her.

Notice I didn’t offer her a lifetime account. Thats a big value and I don’t hand those kind of accounts out to just anyone. I do have some people on my life however, that I will offer a free lifetime account to. I will do it in my opening email. Why? Because I know the power and influence they hold.

One of my friends has created websites that had over 50,000 members in under 30 days. I offer that kind of a person an account for free and hope they utilize it. They have a mega mailing list and them sending out to it a time or two can bring in tens of thousands of dollars.

Joint ventures can be made by anyone with a website, but it works extremely well for membership based sites.

I hope to find more services as time goes on I can do exchanges for but I suppose only time will tell.

The point to my sharing this with you, is that if you know how to market you can get a lot done for a relatively cheap cost. Make deals. Offer your services for free memberships. Offer your memberships for free services. You’d be surprised just how easy it is to start building traffic and getting customers you may have not otherwise reached using this method.

I hope this helps some of you :)

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4 Responses to “Joint Venture Partnerships”

  1. Lisa Lomas says:

    I think relationships you make with other business people have to be one thing that stays with you throughout many business types. I would have to say it keeps me going.

    • viraladmin says:

      Hey Lisa,

      I swear I replied to this, I must not have been logged in or something lol.

      I agree with you 100%. Its especially true when the relationship is a partnership that is financially beneficial to both parties. Then they are much more likely to want to do future business, because they know its profitable.
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  2. Becky Beasley says:

    I’ve done joint ventures for years and it almost always brings value. I have had only a very few bad ones in over 20 years.

  3. Dave says:

    Your techniques sound good. This is something that Iā€™m going to try. Thank You.

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